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How to access the local interface (installation wizard or and local management page)?
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The local interface allows you to access the installation wizard as well as a temperature and schedule management page, even when you do not have internet access.

To access it, you have several options:

1) via the Snugr box WiFi

This option is not available on early models of Snugr boxes. Please contact us if you would like a hardware upgrade at a preferential rate.

Snugr has an embedded, unsecured wifi, which allows you to easily access the local interface and the installation wizard page.

When first installed, the wi-fi network name will say "Snugr", then it will be renamed and will also say the name of your installation or its unique identifier.

Connect to the wi-fi network, then go to in a browser.

2) via the local IP address of the Snugr box on your network

Your Snugr box has an IP address like any other device connected to your network. If you know its IP address, you can enter it into a browser to access it.

The last known address of your box on your network is displayed in the "Settings - Site infos" page.
If you do not know the local address, the last known address of your box on your network is displayed on in the "Settings - Site infos" page. If this address is no longer valid and does not lead anywhere on your browser, here is a last solution:

  • If you haven't already done so, install Chrome Explorer
  • Go to the " chrome webstore " and search for " Snugr Discovery tool " or
    go to this link
    rendez-vous sur ce lien
  • Click on "add to chrome" then launch the application by clicking on the "Snugr" icon
  • After a few moments, a link will appear. Click on it to display the local interface of your Snugr box

Important Notes

For security reasons, it is strongly advised to disable wi-fi after installing your Snugr box.

To enable or disable the wifi on the Snugr box, go to the "Settings" page, "Site infos" (only from or from the local IP, it is not possible to disable the WiFi fromhttp://

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