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installation of the Snugr kit
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Tighten the black antenna on the Snugr case. A small gold hexagonal nut is located at the base of the antenna. Tighten it by hand, without forcing, so that it stands upright.
  2. Power the box to the socket via the supplied transformer and connect the RJ45 network cable to your modem for internet access. This box should ideally be located in the centre of the house, and in a sufficiently open area to optimise the propagation of radio waves.
  3. Connect to the box's wifi and go to the installation wizard
    FAQ: How do I access the local interface (installation wizard or and local management page)?
  4. Fill in the information related to your installation and create the rooms by following the instructions on the screen
  5. Follow the procedure to connect your Snugr valves
    FAQ: How do I link my valve to my Snugr installation?
  6. After installation, you can manage your Snugr installation by visiting from a computer, tablet or smartphone
    FAQ: After sales support / user interface and installation wizard
  7. You can view all our videos that explain how to best manage your Snugr here:

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