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How do I activate the repeater mode on my trunk socket (round version)?
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  1. Press and hold the touch button (> 25 sec). It will switch to a programming mode (red LED flashing), then to another (red LED flashing), then to a reset mode (red LED on) and finally to the Repeater mode (red LED flashing).
    Then release the touch button.
  2. You should switch the repeater mode to level 1 by pressing the button briefly (100 - 400 ms). Note that each time the button is pressed, the repeater mode changes.
    The flashing sequence of the red LED indicates which repeater mode is active (the red LED flashes 1, 2 or 3 times and then goes out for one second; this indicates that mode 1, 2 or 3 respectively is selected).
    Mode 1: repeater off
    Mode 2: Level 1 repeater on
    Mode 3: Level 2 repeater on
  3. Confirm the selected operating mode with a long press (> 5 s). The green light flashes to confirm the operation.

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