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What is "summer mode"?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The "summer mode" is designed to save batteries by reducing the communication frequency of Snugr devices and ignoring heating requests, typically during the summer period.

During the summer period, when there is no need to heat for a long period of time, consider enabling this mode; it can be found in the "Settings" - "Advanced Settings" page.
When you want to deactivate the summer mode and return to normal operation, please allow a delay of (maximum) 12H in advance. As the communication delay is higher when this mode is activated, the standby devices will take longer to receive the command to exit the "summer mode". If you wish to accelerate the exit from summer mode for your devices, please follow the procedure below:

  • on standard valves, press once briefly the button with the small antenna symbo
  • on valves with digital display, press the white button once briefly
  • for boiler boxes, open the box, remove a battery and then reinsert it. Then close the housing, making sure that the two pins are aligned.

    The pins are well aligned with the connector.

    The pins are not aligned with the connector.

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