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How do I connect my powered boiler controller (230VAC) to my Snugr installation?
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Connect your box to the boiler

  • Unplug your boiler
  • open the Snugr boiler box
  • Plug the two wires of a cable (2x1.5 recommended) into the green terminal block in the "COM" and "NO" holes; then plug the other end of this cable into the terminal block on your boiler, allowing the heating demand to be switched via a dry contact (potential-free contact). Consult your boiler manual to find out where to plug the cable into the boiler. The terminal block is usually marked "RT" or "ON/OFF" or "Burner" or "Thermostat"... You can usually reuse the cable from your existing thermostat, but you absolutely must check the connections on your boiler.
  • Then plug the two wires of one cable (2x1.5 recommended) into the "230VAC" terminal block (there's no polarity so you can plug the 2 wires into any hole on this terminal block), then plug the other end into a 230VAC power supply terminal block on your boiler (check the user manual to see which terminal block to use). This is usually marked "230VAC", and you'll generally need to plug the cable into the "L" and "N" holes.
  • Reconnect your boiler plug

Go to the installation wizard

  • Go to the Snugr interface (local or remote, depending on your Snugr box). Then go to the "Settings" - "Installation" tab
  • Click on the "Add a device" card
  • Choose the "Boiler Controller" device
  • Make sure your box is not powered by removing it from its cradle
  • Click on "Start Linking
  • Then power the device by placing it back in its cradle
  • A red light flashes to indicate the operation of the device. Please wait.
  • A message appears to confirm the connection

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