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My valve shows the "low battery" symbol, what should I do? How do I change the batteries in my valves?
Last Updated a year ago

It is time to change the batteries in your valve.

Two 1.5V AA non-rechargeable batteries are required to operate the unit.

Valve without display

Replace the batteries by opening the cover from the bottom, making sure to observe the direction of the batteries as indicated on the valve.

After replacing the batteries, the red light may flash.
In this case, press briefly (just one click), the button with the spanner symbol.
The red light should stay on and then go off after a few seconds.


Valve with display

Carefully pull the knob out towards you.


Then slide the small white cover down to access the battery compartment.


After replacing the batteries, replace the small cover and the knob, and press the white button once.


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