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My valve shows the "communication delay error" symbol, what should I do?
Last Updated a year ago

N.B.: The valves communicate with the Snugr box at regular intervals to receive the temperature setpoint and to send the measured temperature (unless a temperature sensor is placed in the same room).
Valves without a display communicate every 10 minutes, those with a display communicate every 5 minutes.

In case of a communication error, please check the following points:

Is (was) the signal level correct (at least one bar out of four)?


If possible try to reorientate the Snugr box if it has been moved or reposition it in the room.

If this does not correct the problem, there are signal repeaters or access points that allow the signal from the Snugr box to be moved.
Contact your dealer for more information.


Was the valve connected to the Snugr box via a signal repeater?
If so, check that the repeater is still present, properly powered and in the same location as when it was installed.

We also recommend that you check that the battery level is sufficient by replacing the batteries in this valve if other solutions are not sufficient.

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