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My valve shows the "mechanical error" symbol, what should I do?
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • The mechanical error is represented by the following icon:


    Please unscrew the valve and remove a battery (if the valve is battery operated).

    Make sure that the needle of the valve body is not seized by pressing or tapping it and releasing it about 10 times (never pull it, you could break the valve body).

    The needle stroke should be between 1mm minimum and 5mm maximum.


    Confirm that when the needle is pushed in, you should not hear the water flowing through the heater.
    In contrast, when the needle is released, you should be able to hear the water flowing.

    To do this test, ideally, fit a thermostatic valve and set it to the most closed position (0 or the anti-freeze position).
    Listen, you should not hear anything.

    Then turn it to the maximum open position (to 5).
    Listen again, you should hear the water flowing through the radiator.

    If you do not have a thermostatic valve, press the pliers yourself on the needle, listen (no noise), then release and listen again (noise of water flow).

    If this test fails, your valve body is defective.

  • If this test is successful, reassemble the valve and apply the valve calibration procedure so that it initializes to the valve body to which it is attached.

  • If the problem persists or the valve fails to initialise, it may be that the pointer on your valve body is too soft, too hard or too short to be handled by the valve.

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