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Are Snugr EasyPelt valves compatible with my radiator?
Last Updated a year ago

Snugr EasyPelt valves are compatible with the majority of radiators on the market. However, it is sometimes necessary to fit an adaptor and you must have a thermostatic valve body on your radiator (i.e. the ability to fit a thermostatic valve, often numbered 1 to 5).

Snugr EasyPelt valves are compatible without adapters with M30x1.5 fittings (standard used by brands such as Heimeier, Honeywell, Buderus, Comap... ).

If your existing thermostatic valve head uses another standard, such as Danfoss, Giacomini, Oventrop, Comap (M28x1.5)... you will need a metal adapter.

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